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Internet Explorer So, have you installed Internet Explorer 9 yet on your Windows machine? No? Well, feel assured in the knowledge that at MIX11 today, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 10, while also pushing out the very first preview release. Also, IE10 (can I call it IEX? Can I? Can I?) was demonstrated running on Windows for ARM.
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RE[5]: HW accel, blah
by 0brad0 on Tue 12th Apr 2011 23:22 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: HW accel, blah"
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I don't consider using the metal to give a better experience in the desktop is bloat, In the contrary, Who would want to use software accelerated desktop these days?, I certainly don't, not even smarphones are willing to.

It's not using the HW that is the bloat. It's the stupid useless eye candy that is the bloat.

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