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Internet Explorer So, have you installed Internet Explorer 9 yet on your Windows machine? No? Well, feel assured in the knowledge that at MIX11 today, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 10, while also pushing out the very first preview release. Also, IE10 (can I call it IEX? Can I? Can I?) was demonstrated running on Windows for ARM.
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Most of the cases where Firefox is slower than IE in their demos has been shown to have nothing to do with hardware acceleration. It's nearly always slow javascript or DOM performance in some hotspot in the code that gets called 1000 times a second. For FF5 they added a little patch to cache 1 security check and ended up getting twice the performance of FF4 in some of those demos they were slow in, and there are lots of little performance bugs like that. They even forgot to turn on the profile-guided compilation for FF4, and switching that on bumped javascript performance by 10-15% without changing a line of code.

What IE has done really well is to create a bunch of demos, and then tune their browser around them. They've become the most common place to try out these new features, which means that because they tuned their browser against those tests they usually end up with an advantage. 3rd part tests would be much more fair, but at this point most people are just content to use the tests MS created.

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