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Internet Explorer So, have you installed Internet Explorer 9 yet on your Windows machine? No? Well, feel assured in the knowledge that at MIX11 today, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 10, while also pushing out the very first preview release. Also, IE10 (can I call it IEX? Can I? Can I?) was demonstrated running on Windows for ARM.
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RE[3]: HW accel, blah
by Neolander on Wed 13th Apr 2011 06:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: HW accel, blah"
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Saying HW is bloat for the browser is like saying Compiz is bloat for

I say that. Why would you need a powerful GPU to smoothly render basic things like windows and web pages ? E17 shows pretty well that you don't need it even if you're fond of crazy animations everywhere. GPUs are for heavy tasks like 1080p video decoding, 3D games, or multimedia creation, that power shouldn't be needed otherwise.

Using the GPU, in itself, is not that bad. But when it's useless, it's unneeded complexity, that's an unneeded source of crashes. And the worst is that it could actually become useful one day (cause you know, if it's there, devs will use it), because that would mean that our desktop and web would have become more bloated by the same order of magnitude than between the first Macintosh's OS and Windows Vista Ultimate.

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