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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The long-rumoured Symbian update, called Anna, has finally been made official by Nokia today, bringing with it a new browser, new icons, an on-screen portrait qwerty keyboard, and more. The Finnish Windows Phone OEM (sorry) also launched two new Symbian phones today.
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by _Nine_ on Wed 13th Apr 2011 16:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: on display until.."
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I agree. People thought that Android's "opennness" and OEM ecosystem would result in more device diversity. Instead, all we see is a new black-slab, all-touchscreen phone every other week with the only difference being the iterative improvements you mentioned. While it's nice to see new devices to some extent, I actually think it waters down the platform as a whole. With iPhones and Blackberries (to a slightly lesser extent), at least you know that if you buy a phone today, it will be a relevant model for at least several months, if not longer.

I don't think the market has necessarily chosen... I just think the OEMs assume that iPhone look-alikes are what most people want, and while that might have been the case 3 years ago, I think some of the iPhone lust has settled down, and people realized the need for different form-factors catering to different needs, such as physical keyboards, long battery life, etc. However, we're limited in the options to choose from just like before the iPhone.

I actually was happy to hear about MS/Nokia deal as it I think it might help lift WP7 out of the "me-too" land that Android phones seem to be in.

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