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Internet Explorer So, have you installed Internet Explorer 9 yet on your Windows machine? No? Well, feel assured in the knowledge that at MIX11 today, Microsoft announced Internet Explorer 10, while also pushing out the very first preview release. Also, IE10 (can I call it IEX? Can I? Can I?) was demonstrated running on Windows for ARM.
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Another killer blow by Microsoft
by lucas_maximus on Thu 14th Apr 2011 19:19 UTC
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Everyone on here not long ago was chatting about Microsoft's demise because of ARM chip on laptops, because Windows was x86 and x64 only.

Now they have their core product running on ARM already. Office will be soon to follow, and there will be an emulation layer for older programs (ala XP Mode) for programs that absolutely need it.

As for tablets they will have the Win Phone 7 touch interface.

I certainly can't wait to have an arm laptop with long battery life running Windows 8 and Visual Studio and doing my dev work down the coffee shop ;) .

Internet explorer is now on a faster release cycle so we won't have such a dependency on older versions of IE.

Things are looking good web dev wise. All the major browsers now support HTML5 & CSS3 and even IE will have a faster release cycle ... at least on the desktop IE6 won't happen again.

In the mobile world Webkit is becoming the IE6 (I work regularly with several mobile web devs, who target webkit features) ... because it is the stationary target dev wise. Webkit will become the new IE6 but on mobile.

Sencha touch framework for example just doesn't work on a firefox browser. Chrome and Safari based browsers are fine (try it yourself).

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