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Google So, Google has been working on setting up an internet music service for a while now, and we even know some of the details about what Google wants it to look like. Sadly, however, rumour has it the negotiations with the music industry have been so frustrating, Google is contemplating abandoning the entire project altogether. This has led some to wonder - why doesn't Google, or a consortium of technology companies, just buy the music industry outright?
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Eugenia is spot on. The big labels are dinosaurs that are on their way out. Just wait awhile longer and watch them choke to death on their own greed.

The concern is how much damage they can do over the next decade while they die.

For being a "small", "dying" industry, they wield incredible lobbying power allowing them to shape laws to prop up their failed business model at the expense of consumers and technological progress.

Buying the labels out isn't about saving them, it's about taking away their power to hurt technology companies like Google.

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