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Google So, Google has been working on setting up an internet music service for a while now, and we even know some of the details about what Google wants it to look like. Sadly, however, rumour has it the negotiations with the music industry have been so frustrating, Google is contemplating abandoning the entire project altogether. This has led some to wonder - why doesn't Google, or a consortium of technology companies, just buy the music industry outright?
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still not doing it right
by muszek on Sat 16th Apr 2011 21:29 UTC
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Asking a per-song payment is the wrong way to do it. Distribution of music over the Internet costs pretty much the same whether I download one album a month or 50. And I want to be able to download 500 a month just because it does not cost anyone a significantly more. Like that song? Download (or have access to) the whole discography of the band just because it's convenient.

I have a pretty basic model in mind - it's so simple that it must have been laid out by someone else a long time ago. Here it goes:
Customers pay a fixed monthly fee ($10? $20? $50? does not really matter here. I'll use $10 as an example.
For that $10 I can listen (download or stream) to anything I want. At the months end, my $10 (or whatever's left after all the costs are covered) is divided among rights' owners according to my usage stats. Say the costs (service provider's fee, taxes, bandwidth, etc.) were $3. I downloaded 3 albums by Pixies, 1 by Massive Attack and 1 by Bonobo. Pixies get 3/5 of my $7 and so on.
Once I unsubscribe, I lose the right to listen to any of that music.

I don't mind paying a considerable amount of money for music. I just won't participate in a crippleware-like system where I'm denied an access to the World's entire music collection.
Please show me some flaws of this solution.

Until something similar is implemented, I'm gonna use a wonderful BT site that gives me access to pretty much every album I search for in every form one could wish (different kinds of lossy and lossless formats, different editions of albums, etc.).

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