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Windows It looks like Microsoft's "shhh... let's not leak our hard work" plea to Windows 8 testers has fallen on deaf ears, as an early development milestone of Windows 8 was leaked in the wild. The shots are remarkably boring, since it looks exactly like Windows 7. Duh.
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by on Sun 17th Apr 2011 07:47 UTC
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Lovely screenshots, but there are no Oooh... Aaah features introduced that will make me jump with excitement. It looks too much like 99% Windows 7 with here an there additional add-ons.

Having used Windows for most of my career, nearly 17 years; I've finally switched to Ubuntu and Snow Leopard. Each of which has there benefits and like-able features.

I believe that Windows 8 should take a look at Gnome3 Activities and Lion Mission Control. I prefer Gnome 3 Activities cohesion of navigational tasks. Windows does a decent job, but why does it still not extend Explorer to be tabbed base? Why is there still no central Notification System that is part of the base OS integration platform that can be activated and utilized by any Application - Growl like notifications. Why is Window Search an service and not a kernel extension that will index in "near" realtime. I would hope to see something like spotlight.

Furthermore tile based UI navigation is brilliant like in the Windows Mobile space. I would like to see more of this. Reducing UI real-estate that is just dead-space. Make looking at Icons / tiles multi-dimensional: giving navigation, usage, statistical information and feedback. Today displays are in HD and will even improve in the future, therefore allowing better rendering in condensed space - allowing the ability to provide visual information easily.

I'll stop for now because I've got many different issues with Windows 7 and surely Windows 8 will raise the same.

Maybe the penny will drop and I'll jump through the roof!

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