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Linux "The team led by security expert Joanna Rutkowska has released the first beta version of the Qubes OS Linux distribution. The operating system can also be installed on a USB stick thanks to its new installer. Qubes aims to provide security through virtualisation. It uses a Xen hypervisor to run applications in separate virtual machines based on Fedora 14. As a result, online banking data are not at risk when a game running in its own VM turns out to be a trojan."
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RE: D'oh!
by allanregistos on Mon 18th Apr 2011 04:25 UTC in reply to "D'oh!"
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You said:

Anyway ... why they had chosen to use Fedora and KDE as the GUI is totally beyond my comprehension.

And then you said:

Personally I find KDE unintuitive. I spent quite some time on finding things in this invironment once I booted the whole darn thing ...

The keyword is "Personally" which is the answer of your "totally beyond my comprehension complaint"...
It is their personal choice to use KDE instead of GNOME or anything else.

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