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Features, Office Over the weekend, Oracle basically announced its defeat in the competition with the community-created fork of OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle will cease all commercial development of OpenOffice, and will turn it into a purely community-based project.
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"The individual that you save $100 today might one day use OpenOffice to send in a resume that looks garbled to the employer.

People still send resumes as .doc? I thought most saved them as PDF these days.

Good luck with that. For two years before I was hired at my current job back in September I was sending out PDF resumes and the most common response I got back was "Can you send it to me in word?". Somehow people prefer to use an expensive, proprietary piece of software just to read a brain dead proprietary format instead of reading an open format with various FREE readers. I just don't get it but it's true.

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