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Legal Well. Raise your hands if you didn't see this one coming. Nobody is safe from Apple's and Microsoft's legal crusade against Android, not even Samsung, which supplies a lot of chips to Apple. Apple has sued Samsung for copying Cupertino's look and feel in various Samsung devices. This is about as surprising as the tides rolling in. Update: And Samsung's going to strike back. Hit 'm hard, Samsung. I don't like you anymore than any of these other patent trolls, but maybe we'll finally see it all crash and burn.
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RE: Maybe i went backwards.
by umccullough on Tue 19th Apr 2011 20:23 UTC in reply to "Maybe i went backwards."
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And it is actually uplifting not to be "reachable" all the time.

Indeed - it's that aspect that prevents me from getting a cell phone again. Well, that, and the ridiculous waste of money every month to be "available".

I did however have to get myself a watch, as i used to use the phone for that purpose before.

I got over that too... whenever the time matters to me, I'm either in the car, at home, or at my desk - all of which have a clock. If I'm wandering around in public, I can always ask someone for the time (which usually induces them to pull out their cell phone and check it).

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