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Features, Office Over the weekend, Oracle basically announced its defeat in the competition with the community-created fork of OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle will cease all commercial development of OpenOffice, and will turn it into a purely community-based project.
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"The open source license is doing wonders for consumer choice, and putting competitive pressure back into otherwise closed monopoly abused markets.

Really? So what is the marketshare of these open source MS Office alternatives? Like 5%?

That kind of depends. If you mean marketshare as in sales (which is usually how software numbers are measured) then there's no real way to measure FOSS in that regard. For example where I work we have 250 installs of OOo running on Windows but there's no sales receipt and nowhere is that recorded other than here.

A more preferable way (and I think what you are referring to) is to measure installations but that is even harder to do. Having said that given anecdotal evidence of how many Linux distro's install it by default I'd say the install-share for is somewhat higher than 5%.

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