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Microsoft "Microsoft has released its free Microsoft Safety Scanner. This scans for and removes malware from Windows systems without requiring prior installation. According to AV-Test's Andreas Marx, the on-demand anti-virus scanner appears to be based on the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), but with the addition of a complete signature database. MSRT used a mini database of widely distributed threats and is distributed monthly via the automatic update function."
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Needs a LiveCD Option
by jasutton on Thu 21st Apr 2011 01:29 UTC
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This needs a LiveCD option to be really useful. As long as the malware is running on the OS, then there's still a significant chance that it can re-infect the system after it's "removed" by the AV program. Booting into a separate OS is the only way to guarantee that the malware can't be running when it's removed.

I'm hoping this can be combined with BartPE to make that happen. ;)

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