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Google The revolution has begun! Web video will be freed from the shackles of the MPEG-LA and the dreaded claws of patents and incomprehensible licenses! Sorry, I got a little carried away there. Anywho, YouTube has announced all new videos uploaded to the site will be transcoded into WebM, and that the most important part of the site's catalogue is already available in WebM.
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RE[3]: What Youtube SHOULD do!!
by graig on Thu 21st Apr 2011 05:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What Youtube SHOULD do!!"
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"Shoving off h.264 isn't that far away.

Remember how Adobe announced long, long ago that they'd support WebM in Flash? If they'd finally make true on that promise, YouTube could very well just switch off h.264 support without affecting it's user-base. for most current-gen mobile phones and tablets which can't view WebM videos either because their manufacturer is stubborn and no one can do the job for them (iOS and WP7 devices) or because devices do not get updated to the latest firmware (Android devices without Flash)

So a few more years to wait...

it's not because the manufacturer is stubborn. last i checked they don't even make a hardware decoder for webm. which is why google shouldn't force webm down everyones throats. it's not like webm isn't covered by patents. as long as youtube keeps supporting h.264 while we have phones and devices that can decode it, then i'm ok with this.

i personally think they should just use h.264 for everything. 1. patents don't last forever. 2. h.264 has broad hardware support. from blueray players, to tablets and android phones, iphone, car stereos. 3. i know some people are like, but firefox wont include h.264. well then that's what plugins are for.

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