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Multimedia, AV "VP8 is an open source video compression format supported by a consortium of technology companies. This paper provides a technical overview of the format, with an emphasis on its unique features. The paper also discusses how these features benefit VP8 in achieving high compression efficiency and low decoding complexity at the same time."
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RE: Ouch, very technical read
by kaiwai on Fri 22nd Apr 2011 00:38 UTC in reply to "Ouch, very technical read"
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Got off of it at the 3rd page ;)

True but the nutshell was pretty much the weighing up of complexity versus other considerations. You can have an incredibly efficient compression but if it so complex that it requires an incredibly powerful CPU any of the efficiencies are off set by increased CPU utilisation. It reminds me very much back in the old days of hard disk based MP3 players and the weighing up of high bit rate music, the disk rotating for longer periods and higher battery use.

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