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Apple There's a bit of a stink going on - even in major media - about something iOS 4's been doing. Apparently, iOS 4 has been storing a list of locations and timestamps to a hidden, but readable file in a standard database format. The locations are triangulated using cell towers, and generally aren't as accurate as for instance GPS. Still, the file is stored without any form of protection on both your iPhone as well as your desktop.
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RE: Except they do tell you...
by BallmerKnowsBest on Fri 22nd Apr 2011 15:56 UTC in reply to "Except they do tell you..."
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In fact they actually get permission to collect it, even though in this case they don't it would seem.

"Interesting" position for you take, given all of your past whining about how Android is insecure because there's no draconian app store approval process restricting what software can be installed on it.

From a comment you posted back in March:

And if you were all grow'd up with teenage kids of your own and you were the one paying the bills for the masses of excess data that those lovely malware apps could wrack up you might just change your tune. ( )

So let's re-cap. A mobile device that puts you at risk of extra data charges due to your children/s use? UNACCEPTABLE!!! But a device that tracks & records all of their movements by GPS and potentially makes that information available to third parties? Meh, that's okay, as long it's mentioned somewhere in the 8,000 words of legalese that you "I Agree'd" to without reading.

Damn! Where do I nominate you for Parent Of The Year?

Just more headline grabbing...

Yet we all know you'd be practically soiling yourself in delight if this story were about Android, you've already done so in the past (over significantly less-serious issues):

Just goes to show... dangerous it is to allow unchecked applications onto a device that has constant and unrestricted access to global data networks. ( )

Could your fanboyism be *any* more transparent?

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