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Apple There's a bit of a stink going on - even in major media - about something iOS 4's been doing. Apparently, iOS 4 has been storing a list of locations and timestamps to a hidden, but readable file in a standard database format. The locations are triangulated using cell towers, and generally aren't as accurate as for instance GPS. Still, the file is stored without any form of protection on both your iPhone as well as your desktop.
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Storm in a teacup
by cmost on Fri 22nd Apr 2011 21:16 UTC
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Any Apple iPhone user or Android OS user who DIDN'T think Apple and Google respectively was collecting loads of data from their phones is delusional. As I've always said: "Security is merely an illusion." While GPS and Internet connectivity are common in myriad devices, the manufacturers are banking on the data they can collect. Get used to it. Anyone who expects privacy would be advised to ditch their smartphone and stay off the Net.

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