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Internet & Networking You know all that talk about net neutrality in the US? How for instance Verizon and Google want net neutrality to apply only to something they call the 'wired' internet, which is apparently somehow different from the 'mobile' internet? Well, while you Americans are only talking about it, us Dutch are once again way ahead of the curve: the largest of the three main carriers has announced its intention to start charging extra for services like VoIP, instant messaging, Facebook, and so on, with the other two carriers contemplating similar moves. The dark future of the web, right here in my glorified swamp.
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Dude, your English is fine ;) . No need to apologise for something you do better than some native speakers I know.

In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure what a good way to go would be. I dread the day my ISP starts charging extra for something like Xbox Live, which I use almost on a daily basis. XBL is a great service, and definitely worth the 60E a year I pay for it. However, the idea that my ISP might charge like an additional 10E per month... That doesn't make me happy. I'd probably just pay up though, because without my weekly dose of L4D/L4D2, I wouldn't survive. One of my best friends and I are heavy co-op players in many games, and I use XBL more regularly, and for longer, than I have ever used my digital HD TV subscription.

I just think that per-service charges are idiotic, in the same sense that I don't pay more per liter of water in my toilet than for a liter of water in my shower. I would say a per-MB or per-GB charge might make sense, but even that is very debatable - as internet speeds go ever up, the price of a single MB or GB ought to go down. However, we all know it won't.

So, tough all around.

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