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Apple There's a bit of a stink going on - even in major media - about something iOS 4's been doing. Apparently, iOS 4 has been storing a list of locations and timestamps to a hidden, but readable file in a standard database format. The locations are triangulated using cell towers, and generally aren't as accurate as for instance GPS. Still, the file is stored without any form of protection on both your iPhone as well as your desktop.
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RE[6]: why wait?
by Not2Sure on Sat 23rd Apr 2011 19:51 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: why wait?"
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Vanilla Android has the exact same issue. And just to be clear, iOS 3.x+ and Android since I dunno 1.6 are transmitting your location to their servers. Not just storing them on in the filesystem. iOS does it about once every 24 hours. Android is more frequent.

They are using their customer's location in order to put Skyhook out of business by mapping the MAC addresses of open wifi points around the world. Typical Google/Apple business practices at work. Enter some vertical market and destroy any value in it all to provide "better" ad networks in the future.

The justification remains burying a sentence or two in a EULA to justify user acceptance of the program.

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