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Microsoft "Microsoft has released its free Microsoft Safety Scanner. This scans for and removes malware from Windows systems without requiring prior installation. According to AV-Test's Andreas Marx, the on-demand anti-virus scanner appears to be based on the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), but with the addition of a complete signature database. MSRT used a mini database of widely distributed threats and is distributed monthly via the automatic update function."
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RE[2]: Needs a LiveCD Option
by bassbeast on Mon 25th Apr 2011 02:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Needs a LiveCD Option"
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Actually it looks like a big FAIL to me, and I'm all for free tools. Not only does it have separate 32 and 64 bit versions (WTH? For a virus scanner?) but it expires after 10 days which means give it up putting it on any kind of tool, not unless you want to make three of them a month!

For those that want a REAL tool I'd suggest Malwarebytes along with Stinger and AVG portable, along with Comodo System Cleaner (for cleaning out all the borked reg entries left behind) and Chrome Portable or Firefox Portable (for doing an online scan, using something like Housecall) on a WinPE or bootbale USB key.

Having a 10 day limit is just bogus! I was looking forward to having another tool in my toolbox but making it have an expiration date instead of simply updating on first run is Lame with a capital L!

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