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Multimedia, AV And the fight continues. Only a few months after the desperate move by the MPEG-LA to get anyone - anyone - to submit patents to a possible WebM patent pool, Google and the WebM community have struck back. A whole slew of major companies have formed the WebM Community Cross-License initiative, basically a sort-of Open Invention Network for WebM.
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RE: Patent retaliation
by renox on Tue 26th Apr 2011 13:21 UTC in reply to "Patent retaliation"
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The patent holders who hold patents in the MPEG LA pool will never have approached Google at any point and tried to negotiate a deal. Isn't this a clear-cut slam-dunk case of tortious interference?

No, it isn't.. Google just lost a lawsuit (*) for using Linux which is claimed to use a patented algorithm, AFAIK the patent troll never tried to contact Linux developpers, yet he won the lawsuit, so I doubt very much that he was legally obliged to do so.

Aren't patent holders who believe they have a patent which reads on WebM supposed to approach Google first?

No they aren't, please show me the law who say that they have to do so..

And 'being under investigation' is very different from 'being convicted of'.

Come on, I despise MPEG LA too, but inventing laws won't help here.

*: Note that I don't believe that the sky is falling for this lawsuit: the patent is weak, so it'll be probably invalidated..

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