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Games After days and days of the Playstation Network being offline, Sony has announced it has taken the service down indefinitely. The cause is a lot more severe than previously thought: PSN has been systematically attacked, and personal information of all users has been stolen, possibly including credit card data. Sony is asking PSN users to keep close tabs on their credit card account statements. This has turned from a rather amusing slap on the wrist for Sony into a massive and truly epic security fail that could have tremendous consequences for millions and millions of people the world over.
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Credit card security
by bouhko on Tue 26th Apr 2011 23:20 UTC
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I still do not understand how a mean of payment as unsecure as a credit card can be so widespread. Maybe it's time the banks figure out a mean to pay that requires something more than just what is written on the damn card.

For example in my bank, to access e-banking, I have to have : a login, a password AND a card reader.
After I have entered my login and password, the e-banking website display a number. I have to put my bank card in the card reader, type in the number given by the website and then the PIN associated with my card. The card reader will then display another number that I have to enter.

So unless somebody manages to steal my login, my password, my card and my PIN, I'm safe.

Really, if my bank can do it for e-banking, Visa and Mastercard should be able to do it.

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