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Games Ah yes, this was pretty inevitable. Nintendo is facing dropping sales and earnings for another year, and as such, it should come as no surprise that they have just announced the Wii's successor. The Japanese gaming giant will unveil the machine during E3 in June, and the device is scheduled for release in 2012.
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RE: Not sure I agree...
by Phloptical on Tue 26th Apr 2011 23:53 UTC in reply to "Not sure I agree..."
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The poster seems to still be miffed that the Wii (for a while) had managed to outsell both the ps3 and xbox 360. lol

One day the obituary for the Wii should read "It's the titles, stupid!"

Nintendo managed to repackage the Game Cube, give it motion controllers, some really fun titles and sell it to people in their 60's...who bought it. Kudos to Nintendo and props to the marketing departments.

It's called the "fun factor", which is something the other 2 consoles have been greatly lacking since inception.

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