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Games After days and days of the Playstation Network being offline, Sony has announced it has taken the service down indefinitely. The cause is a lot more severe than previously thought: PSN has been systematically attacked, and personal information of all users has been stolen, possibly including credit card data. Sony is asking PSN users to keep close tabs on their credit card account statements. This has turned from a rather amusing slap on the wrist for Sony into a massive and truly epic security fail that could have tremendous consequences for millions and millions of people the world over.
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Yet another stupid article by Thom
by IanDumych on Thu 28th Apr 2011 20:37 UTC
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Thom, you do realize that this has nothing to do with the merits of credit cards right? "Credit card numbers" is a generic term that can just as easily refer to debit cards. Bringing up that buying things with credit is stupid was completely irrelevant to the issue at hand.

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