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Legal This is interesting. I've been saying for a while now that both Apple and Microsoft are hard at work making Android as undesirable as possible. Sadly, they're not doing this by making their own products better, but by trying to make it seem as if Android isn't free due to patent costs and such. It looks like Barnes & Noble is the first company to openly say the same.
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other vendors
by jimmystewpot on Thu 28th Apr 2011 23:45 UTC
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It is my understanding from talking with a person close to the MS vs Android patent discussion with another vendor (not b&N) that the patents in question related to Exchange interoperability (ActiveSync), FAT/vFAT file systems. I have not used the B&N devices so I don't really know if they would infringe those areas? Maybe there are some more patents that MS is trying to push down their throat? At least with Apple's cases there are infringing patent numbers released to the public so people can make up their own minds.. to date I've not seen these from MS... can anyone show me them if they exist? I would love to know.

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