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Legal This is interesting. I've been saying for a while now that both Apple and Microsoft are hard at work making Android as undesirable as possible. Sadly, they're not doing this by making their own products better, but by trying to make it seem as if Android isn't free due to patent costs and such. It looks like Barnes & Noble is the first company to openly say the same.
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by kaelodest on Fri 29th Apr 2011 01:41 UTC
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It is not the OS that Matters it is the experience. I wanted to like Android, But their commercials were ass (warplanes dropping Phones - robots? ) the product felt loose and nasty and glued\stapled together the whole thing seems like the old M$ v. Apple debate, but too many years later. Java is not very relevant (that is nto me trying to get into a flame war) it was designed for a different age and that dawn has faded into the embers of dusk. It was almost as if the Geniuses in charge of this said 'Well lots of programmers know Java'... and missed the entire point. Simply knowing a language does not correlate to knowing how to program well, anymore than knowing Photoshop will make you an Artist (Full on sidebar - we are all artists, as long as we feel it)~=~Back to the point is just because you have a voice doesn't mean you can sing. And Having a lot of UN-Passionate developers is what killed Windows. Back in the Windows 3.x days you had programmers who could and did write shareware gems and for EVERY excellent app there were 10 clones and for every mediocre app there were 20-50 clones and the bottom of the economy was like the floor of a cinema-multiplex filthy, sticky & nasty.

And regardless of if you like apple or not their users\consumers are passionate about their products. So it stands to reason that developers for this platform will be much more passionate about it. Even to the point of being passionate about technologies that Apple seems indifferent about - like AppleScript and Automator - really powerful tools. (A kid can write a full on backup program for their Nana in an afternoon) and in automator a Nana can write her own app. So again I posit that it is not the OS or the API that matter it is the experience. Users really just want tiny apps that GTFOutta the way and let them get things done. Features? Why not just make the app faster cleaner and cheaper?

I do not imply that my iPhone is perfect. AND I have been an Apple user I guess for decades and I will tell you that Apple is far from perfect. I am little more than a revenue stream to the board in Cupertino. My phone crashes daily. But is back up in less than three seconds. The amount of time that it takes to look both ways before crossing the street, I cannot tell you what percentage of these events are caused strictly by me using my phone to dev up on. -BUT and here is the import thing I that i get a whopper of a return on the investment of money and time to get it to work AND so does Apple.

Build a better mouse trap and the world WILL beat a path to your door.

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