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Legal This is interesting. I've been saying for a while now that both Apple and Microsoft are hard at work making Android as undesirable as possible. Sadly, they're not doing this by making their own products better, but by trying to make it seem as if Android isn't free due to patent costs and such. It looks like Barnes & Noble is the first company to openly say the same.
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For all of you screaming to save Android and B&N, nobody is trying to put them out of business.
I am pasting a comment by blogger Florian Mueller, an intellectual property activist, and he reviews B&N comments, and to me they sound empty and just trying to get a better deal from Microsoft.
Just look at how many players are paying royalties on many fronts and doing extremely well in their business. Why should B&N be any different or exempted from the same.
Read below:
"A substantial part of Barnes & Noble's filing focuses on allegations that Microsoft leverages its patents "to render the Android™ Operating System and other open source operating systems uncompetitive and unpalatable vis-à-vis Microsoft’s own operating systems" (quote from paragraph 43 of the answer to the complaint). Two paragraphs later, Barnes & Noble mentions Microsoft's patent agreement with HTC as an example. However, the HTC example clearly contradicts Barnes & Noble's theory of Android becoming "uncompetitive and unpalatable": earlier this month, HTC's market capitalization surpassed that of Nokia (and previously that of RIM). If a patent license deal with Microsoft rendered Android uncompetitively expensive like Barnes & Noble claims, how come HTC is so very profitable?".

You can read the whole blog here and make up your own mind. But to make up your own mind, some of you are disqualified already (MSFT fans, Android Fans, Apple Fans, Google fans,etc). This is only for the people that are interested in finding the truth in all arguments, not just trying to prove their point! You know who you are!

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