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SuSE, openSUSE Attachmate now owns Novell and therefore, by extension, also owns SUSE and openSUSE. With Oracle currently doing everything in its power to thoroughly destroy what's left of Sun's open source commitments, scepticism abound about the future of SUSE, and more specifically of openSUSE. Attachmate's CEO has answered some questions about the future of SUSE and openSUSE, and as far as words go, it's looking good.
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RE: It's all about management
by Neolander on Sat 30th Apr 2011 08:29 UTC in reply to "It's all about management"
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from my brief (by no means thorough) Googling, ARM can be a pain in the ass for Linux users.

I'm interested to know what problems exactly linux on ARM encounters. I suspect that it has to do with the much more proprietary hardware ecosystem, but am a lot more interested in what actually happens than what I think happens ;)

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