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Legal This is interesting. I've been saying for a while now that both Apple and Microsoft are hard at work making Android as undesirable as possible. Sadly, they're not doing this by making their own products better, but by trying to make it seem as if Android isn't free due to patent costs and such. It looks like Barnes & Noble is the first company to openly say the same.
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Android IS Unattractive?
by JoeNerd on Sat 30th Apr 2011 11:17 UTC
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Google, as the creator of this operating system called Android, always seems to get good press by not being linked to this operating system, released an operating system that included a zero day vulnerability, and if anyone tries to improve a product made by Google, they do not say anything, because everyone is scared witless to suggest anything that might be viewed as negative because they are one of the largest search engine? You want to talk about anti-trust issues and strong arming tactics by reading in between the lines?

This press release comes on the heels of a large negative drop in the stock of Google?

Interesting. Android is not upgradeable on many devices? Interesting. Patents are not worth fighting for? Interesting. If you work for Microsoft, you want a wishy washy, weak armed legal department trying to keep you employed? Interesting.

This looks like a press release among countless other attacks because Microsoft does things that makes it hard or impossible for Congress to regulate while benefiting the consumer? Interesting, this free enterprise stuff? Microsoft released a political cloud operating system and application? Interesting.

Ever notice how free Linux applications and systems look a lot like Microsoft Systems and their web site? Interesting...

No operating system will dominate the market, and professionals in the IT industry see this as nothing more than professionals feeling sorry for themselves, instead of making cool stuff, or are bored people that write press releases, trying to stir up the pot, because their job is to make juicy gossip pieces that make adults loose their minds?

Interesting questions, for the public to ask themselves....the truth, is out there.

In my humble opinion, this article is nothing more than a political smoke screen, meant to manipulate public opinion by leaving out the questions I have just asked?

Have a nice day. Lots of Linux fans, like Microsoft Products, and they do not understand the grand standing and manipulation of the press? Follow the money, and the questions not answered?

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