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SuSE, openSUSE Attachmate now owns Novell and therefore, by extension, also owns SUSE and openSUSE. With Oracle currently doing everything in its power to thoroughly destroy what's left of Sun's open source commitments, scepticism abound about the future of SUSE, and more specifically of openSUSE. Attachmate's CEO has answered some questions about the future of SUSE and openSUSE, and as far as words go, it's looking good.
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I remember when Attachmate had only a few employees.

Back in the early 80s the company I worked for used Attachmate to connect to mainframes. I think there was less than 10 people that worked for them at the time.

I wish them good luck (in a non sarcastic way) with Novell and SUSE. I hope that they can do a lot more with Novell's technology and products that the post Ray Noorde CEOs have done with it.

Ray was a true visionary. Like my other post here, he thought that the best technology would win just because it was best. And it did for awhile. MSs non-technology methods (FUD - suck up to CEOs - the emperor has no clothes - technics worked and the best products lost out. Hopefully Attachmate can find a way to resurrect Novell, assuming that they bought Novell for more than just patents.

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