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SuSE, openSUSE Attachmate now owns Novell and therefore, by extension, also owns SUSE and openSUSE. With Oracle currently doing everything in its power to thoroughly destroy what's left of Sun's open source commitments, scepticism abound about the future of SUSE, and more specifically of openSUSE. Attachmate's CEO has answered some questions about the future of SUSE and openSUSE, and as far as words go, it's looking good.
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RE[3]: As far as words go....
by BluenoseJake on Sun 1st May 2011 01:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: As far as words go...."
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Have you ever used AD? We are currently using Netware 6.5 and AD and I could tear my own eyes out every time I have to touch the Netware box. Console One is a joke It's slow, creaky, and barely usable. Takes minutes to load on my quadcore system. AD users and computers loads almost instantly, and has never crashed on me, can't say the same of Console One.

The Novell Client for Windows is one of the buggiest pieces of shit I have ever seen.

Zenworks is a monster that is clunky and virtually different every version. It tries to do too many things, and ends up doing none well.

SIPS sucks as a name service, it's nonstandard, and seems to cause problems every other day.

Compared to eDirectory, AD is stable fast, and the administrative tools are built right into the OS, It uses DNS as a name service, so it is easily administered. GPOs are really nice, useful way to push policies, so useful, that Netware even supports them, instead of doing it itself.

The world has moved on to better things, maybe you should learn the new technologies, instead of lamenting a crappy product from a company that forgot how to compete.

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