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SuSE, openSUSE Attachmate now owns Novell and therefore, by extension, also owns SUSE and openSUSE. With Oracle currently doing everything in its power to thoroughly destroy what's left of Sun's open source commitments, scepticism abound about the future of SUSE, and more specifically of openSUSE. Attachmate's CEO has answered some questions about the future of SUSE and openSUSE, and as far as words go, it's looking good.
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RE[6]: As far as words go....
by pantheraleo on Sun 1st May 2011 15:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: As far as words go...."
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There is the problem. Yes ASP.Net works when on a pure MS stack.

You don't have to run a pure MS stack to use ASP.NET of course. You can use it with Oracle, MySQL, DB2, or any other database for example. But again, there is something to be said for having a single point of contact when something goes wrong as it eliminates any ambiguity as to who's responsibility it is to support the issue.

Really lot of cases I find worse than PHP. At least PHP I have cheaper server rental than java or .net.

And that's fine, if your biggest concern is cheap hosting space. But if your biggest concern is that you lose you hundreds of thousands of dollars for every minute of downtime you have, then having a well supported stack where you can get a support team on the phone 24/7 that knows the entire stack inside and out, because they are the guys that wrote the whole thing becomes a lot more important.

When it comes to web techs. PHP is Number 1. Java is Number 2. And .net is tail of the hunt. Both Java and PHP has lot of premade applications to get you going with.

Well, PHP might be the most popular as far as sheer number of PHP Web applications deployed. But again, keep in mind that many PHP Web sites are very small, and PHP might be used for nothing more than providing an email contact form or something.

There are a lot of pre-written applications in PHP, yes. But that only matters to me if I am doing something like trying to set up a blog, or wiki, or forum site. PHP has done a pretty good job at producing "generic" horizontal reusable applications like that.

Both Java and .NET on the other hand, tend to be used a lot more for developing vertical market specialized applications that by their very nature, are not reusable because of their specialization. And are not "generic" like a blog, or wiki.

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