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In the News Between all this bickering over who's peniphone is the largest best, it's always nice to be able to post a positive story, a story which shows that for every abusive company, there's one that shows the world just how it's done. This time, it's Bose. Founder and primary stockholder of Bose, Amar G. Bose, has donated a large number of non-voting shares of the company to MIT, where he spent his university career. Dividends over these shares will be paid each year to MIT, which will use it for research and educational purposes.
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Paul Allen gave 9 million to MIT few years ago. Also did you know Bose sued Consumer magazine in 70's because they didn't like Bose products, this took ages and up Bose settling it. Or that Bose sued several smaller makers in 80's and 90's for patent stuff, some of them went bust. You don't win trophies for been nice and you don't make millions either.

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