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Privacy, Security, Encryption " on Monday reported that an online Sony gaming network has once again fallen victim to a cyberattack. This time, the attack may have exposed the credit card numbers of thousands of Sony customers from around the world. According to the report, over 12,700 customer credit card numbers were stolen during a breach of Sony’s online gaming network, Sony Online Entertainment. According to, Sony discovered the possible attack on Sunday."
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by kvarbanov on Tue 3rd May 2011 07:40 UTC
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Well, it depends on the account type you have with your bank, as well as the card type. If it's Visa Electron debit card, yes, you can use it online, but only if the vendor supports that type of payment and transactions, still however, you need to supply your PIN, otherwise it's a no-go.

Second option for better security is so called "virtual credit card" - designated only for electronic payments, it's tied with your base account. What you should do is just transfer money from the main account, whatever amount you wish, go to the website, do the payment, and you're done - no more overdrafts, etc - you have full control of what's happening. Certainly, if someone knows your virtual card number, it's still useless without the CVV code, just as well as if you have left no money in that account, which I usually do, so they can steal whatever they want. I have the option of authorizing payments only if I reply with text message from my mobile phone, too, so it's basically a two step verification if someone wants your money.
So, there are options.

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