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Apple Apple has updated its line of iMac desktops, with new processors and bumped graphical specifications. They also includes an HD FaceTime camera, which is certainly useful. The most interesting feature is, of course, that they include Thunderbolt ports - one on the 21.5" model, and two on the 27" model.
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RE[3]: radeon M?
by tupp on Tue 3rd May 2011 22:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: radeon M?"
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You presented it as if dust-collecting holes and annoyingly noisy fans is a good thing.

Vents and/or fans are a necessity for proper, safe function and for competitive performance (unless one goes with liquid cooling or some other, more expensive cooling option). They are certainly "a good thing."

If Imacs had vents and/or fans, they wouldn't have heat problems, and they wouldn't need to use slow/crippled mobile processors. I would sooner blow the dust out of my computer every six months rather than have it catch fire (or have to settle for mediocre performance).

By the way, is it wise to put a frail, "fru-fru" computer into a harsh, dusty environment?

I prefer devices what don't need active cooling and work without stupid vent holes.

Well, then I guess you won't be getting a Macpro:

It looks like the Macpro may have one or two "stupid," "dust-collecting" holes with an "active" and "annoyingly noisy" fan.

I guess they couldn't get around the need for holes/fans on a full computer.

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