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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Research In Motion is holding its big event right now, BlackBerry World 2011, and some interesting things have already come out. First, RIM is entering into a rather pervasive partnership with Microsoft to make Bing the default through all levels of the BlackBerry operating system (includig the QNX-based one). Second, the first piece of videographic evidence of Android applications running on the PlayBook.
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RE: bing.. yuck
by mrhasbean on Tue 3rd May 2011 22:51 UTC in reply to "bing.. yuck"
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Until now google have been playing pretty nice compared too apple, sco ms.. I just wish there were another company like google competing making good products.

The one and only reason Google plays "pretty nice" is because they mostly don't "sell" products. They've leveraged their position in the search market to sell advertising and they aggregate other people's products and services. Any "products" Google do actually sell are well and truly subsidised by their advertising income, because in just about every case it gives them another avenue to generate advertising income.

When selling something that's tangible is a secondary business that is just there to further your primary business, it's pretty easy to "play fair". If they had everything on the line like the other companies mentioned I can guarantee they would be using all the same methods being employed by those companies to protect their business.

And for searches I use secure Scroogle - Google results without the tracking and advertising.

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