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In the News "New Wikileaks cables indicate that the US has been keeping a close watch on IP enforcement policy in New Zealand, going so far as to propose funding anti-piracy efforts there to the tune of around $427,000. US diplomats have also offered to help New Zealand rewrite its 'three strikes' illegal file sharing law."
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Not good....
by obsidian on Wed 4th May 2011 00:20 UTC
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I'm from NZ, and this is not good. Very uncool......

Someone had what seemed like a good idea in this area.
Copyright would last for ten years, and would then lapse. Sounds like a good, simple idea (so it probably won't be implemented).

If people in the US think their politicians are bad, you should see some of the muppets we've got in NZ.
( Arrrrgh! muppets! copyright! )

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