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Apple Apple has updated its line of iMac desktops, with new processors and bumped graphical specifications. They also includes an HD FaceTime camera, which is certainly useful. The most interesting feature is, of course, that they include Thunderbolt ports - one on the 21.5" model, and two on the 27" model.
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RE[4]: radeon M?
by kaiwai on Wed 4th May 2011 15:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: radeon M?"
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Nope, you are not alone. My wife's iMac behaves like yours. No heat issues!

Yes we have heard the fans switch on once after she processed very large RAW images with many Photoshop filter macros running. Once the hard work was done and the fans did their job, the iMac was silent and cool again. ;)

Agreed; side issue, I'd be concerned if the fans didn't switch on under a heavy load lol. It is amazing the number of Mac and non-Mac users who try to claim that 'fans going equals bad design' whilst ignoring what the purpose of a fan is in the first place ;)

Another problem people ignore is this; most CPU's and GPU's have a max temperature of 110degrees celsius so it is amazing the number of paranoid people wetting their pants when the temperature reaches 60 degrees celsius. For me I've pushed my MacBook Pro's CPU temp up to 95 degrees celsius without impacting on any of the other components.

Oh well, I must remind myself not to get myself dragged into endless debates ;)

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