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Opera Software "Opera has released an alpha build of Opera Next 11.50. As the name implies, this new release is a separate version of the cross-platform Opera browser. It's designed to allow users to install the latest developmental version of Opera alongside the current stable version, allowing users to road-test the latest new features without risking their current, stable installation."
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Comment by Praxis
by Praxis on Wed 4th May 2011 22:38 UTC
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I downloaded and tried Opera next, it works pretty good. I like it, I prefer the new speed dial page, its works well and extensions can extend it, though the only extensions that take advantage of it are from opera as of now. The total number of extensions is slowly working its way up, there are still holes compared to firefox or even chrome but its getting better. Its very fast based on the highly scientific, open all my sites and see how fast they get to a usable state test.

And best of all for me, my pet flash bug is fixed, I can pause flash video in opera now. That single bug drove me away from the last stable version of opera into chromes waiting arms.

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