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SuSE, openSUSE The first major effect of Attachmate buying Novell (and thus, SUSE) has come into, uh, effect. Novell, of course, is the birth place of Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework. Reports indicate Mono developers have been fired as part of the streamlining process, but according to Attachmate's CEO, they weren't fired because of Mono.
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MonoTouch is effectively dead. Apple killed it when they changed their iPhone developer license agreement so that you can only use C and Objective C with Apple native APIs if you want your app in the app store.

Apple Backed away from that restriction around august-sept of last year. There is no restriction on what language you can use to develop an iOS app. Apple found out that a large amount of development houses are using crossplatform toolchains to build some of iOS's very popular titles. MonoTouch is a great way to leverage C# on the iOS mobile well as build a base for crossplatform apps (via MonoDroid/MonoTouch/WindowsPhone/etc)

I don't know of anyone that is actively using MonoDroid.

MonoDroid has just been released. Its too early to assess its adoption. I used MonoDroid during their long pre-release testing period. Its also pretty darn nice for leveraging C# knowledge and developing some pretty slick Android Apps. Apple's fear of apps not taking advantage of native features is a non-starter.

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