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Games There's fail, there's epic fail, and then there's Sony. You may've thought it wasn't possible, but Sony has just outdone itself on the fail scale, forcing us to add yet another notch. During the congressional testimony this morning, Dr Gene Spafford of Purdue University revealed just how badly Sony managed its Playstation Network servers. It's... Bad.
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No excuse but...
by mrhasbean on Thu 5th May 2011 21:38 UTC
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...I think it would surprise a lot of people just how many organisations of all sizes don't keep software up to date or run effective firewalls. While this is insanely stupid for a company the size of Sony, and they deserve every head bashing they get over it, I can guarantee they aren't on their own.

Downtime (cost), software compatibility (cost of upgrading) and cost of actually doing the job regularly are some of the major excuses I've had thrown at me in over 25 years of doing this stuff, and no amount of explaining how negative the consequences might or what the cost could be if they don't do it seem to work on some people. Way too many have the "It'll never happen to me" mentality. Windows and now Android are proof of that.

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