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Games There's fail, there's epic fail, and then there's Sony. You may've thought it wasn't possible, but Sony has just outdone itself on the fail scale, forcing us to add yet another notch. During the congressional testimony this morning, Dr Gene Spafford of Purdue University revealed just how badly Sony managed its Playstation Network servers. It's... Bad.
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RE: lost dollars
by WorknMan on Fri 6th May 2011 01:48 UTC in reply to "lost dollars"
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I was just about to purchase a ps3 because my wife wanted one to play with her friends and i'd get to play the exclusives. I've told them all to get an xbox 360 instead.

You know, I've heard that the best time to eat at a restaurant is right after they've been visited by a health inspector and have been cited for rats in the cooking area, slime in the ice machine, etc. Why? Cuz you know they're going to be clean after just having gotten their ass handed to them.

I would imagine Sony will be no different. When the PSN comes back online, I bet their shit is gonna be locked down tight and damn near impenetrable.

Note: I don't have a 360 or PS3, so I'm not speaking from personal bias. But if I were going to buy a PS3, I would not be put off because of this security breach.

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