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SuSE, openSUSE The first major effect of Attachmate buying Novell (and thus, SUSE) has come into, uh, effect. Novell, of course, is the birth place of Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework. Reports indicate Mono developers have been fired as part of the streamlining process, but according to Attachmate's CEO, they weren't fired because of Mono.
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You would be hard pressed to find anything on ASP.NET that does not work on Mono. The actual ASP.NET MVC 2 code is even distributed with Mono now. The Razor view engine (MVC 3) is not open source but I am serving ASP.NET (using Razor but do not tell) apps served off both OS X and Linux.

Mono supports .NET 4 applications. Perhaps not every API at this point but it supports everything I have tried.

Mono prioritises development and 100% feature parity with every Microsoft library is not really a goal. If you are developing for Mono it is not a real constraint.

So yes, LINQ-to-SQL was not a priority. Good call it turns out as even Microsoft is dropping it as you say. LINQ itself has been supported forever, including LINQ-to-XML.

Of course, you have been able to use real ORMs like NHibernate for years on Mono. By releasing Entity Framework, Microsoft is just trying to catch up with what is possible using these other solutions so it is really no hardship not to have them. How big a priority should LINQ-to-Entities support be if every Mono developer is already using something else?

So too with Windows Presentation Foundation. Mono supports GTK# as it's core cross-platform GUI solution. There are several large, complex GUI apps using GTK# to support Linux, Mac, and Windows.

It is also the position of the Mono team that quality apps should code the GUI native for each platform. That is why they have MonoTouch for iOS, Mono for Android, and MonoMac for native Cocoa desktop apps. Guess what the native GUI toolkit is for Windows: WPF. Windows Forms is supported cross platform on Mono and some apps do use them. PlasticSCM is a Windows Forms GUI for example.

Not having WPF on Linux is not a big deal for Mono developers. Spending time on WPF is not only not a priority but in fact against the philosophy of the Mono community. Why are you not instead saying that .NET is failing way behind because it does not even support MonoMac GUI apps? It is simply your bias that Mono is nothing but a Microsoft compatibility library.

WCF could be considered another example. The Mono support is way behind Windows. Of course, ServiceStack works just fine. The Mono team did not really pay any attention to WCF until they decided they needed it for Silverlight (Moonlight). It has come along quite nicely since then.

Mono is an extremely capable platform and the core is extremely compatible. Some of the add-on bits do lag but the only people that care are those that want to use nothing but Microsoft tech and then whine about it not being portable. Who cares?

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