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Games Somebody has just added the Portal gun to Minecraft. Your argument? It is now invalid.
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Whats with the graphics?
by MacMan on Fri 6th May 2011 22:53 UTC
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Sure, the Minecraft concept sounds pretty neat, but whats with the 1990 graphics? The original castle wolfenstein had better graphics in what 1990?

I'd probably be a little more interested if it looked as good as say Doom 2.

I doubt that its a limitation of Java, I've written a few things using Java and jogl (Java opengl binding), and no, performance is not at the C level, but its close.

Is this some sort of inside joke type thing of look how lame our graphics are but people still want to play our game.

Seriously, not trolling here, just want to understand the rationale behind the ridiculously primitive graphics in Minecraft.

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