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Games "It all began when a young man named George Hotz began to work on the PlayStation 3, trying to gain access to the machine in a way that made Sony uncomfortable. In response, Sony removed the OtherOS functionality of the PlayStation 3 in a mandatory update, and the hacking community was not happy with this decision, resulting in a sort of cold war. PS3 hackers have once again gained the upper hand: Linux has been returned to the PlayStation 3."
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Wonderfully useless
by Ventajou on Fri 6th May 2011 23:31 UTC
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I used to think those console hacks were great but when we come down to it, it's really just hacking for the sake of hacking. I mean, who will jump through all the hoops just to run linux on a PS3 as their everyday box?

With the variety that today's PCs offer in performance and form factor, it's become so easy to find something that fits one's needs. It's also easier to get drivers for such hardware and get on with your productive day.

I guess putting linux on the PS3 is like climbing a high mountain. You put a lot of effort into it and you're really happy once you're on top but then all you can do is sit for a minute, take a picture and come back down.

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