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Databases The release of the first beta of version 9.1 of the open source PostgreSQL database has opened a new era in enterprise-class reliability and data integrity that can compete with the big names, say its developers. CIO recently interviewed Josh Berkus, Kevin Grittner, Dimitri Fontaine and Robert Haas about PostgreSQL 9.1 and its future.
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Every time I want to use a SQL-database I come back to PostgreSQL, it easily is the most standard compliant, most consistent database of them all.

I've read the same thing a lot of times, but then I try to switch and find PostgreSQL a lot slower.

Try to run a basic Drupal 7 (for example) site with both databases on the same hardware and the speed difference is 2:1 comparing a default MySQL with an "optimized" PostgreSQL. I may have made some mistakes in the optimizations because I'm no expert on Postgre, but it's faster than the default config.

It would be nice to get better defaults, and a simplified "basic optimizations guide" of any kind.

The software may be the best, and the documentation may be good, but it lacks proper "starter/basic guides".

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