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Windows In its first update to a new community-based preview program, Microsoft is showing off a number of new features for Windows Vista, including efforts to improve the web browser and make the operating system more resilient.
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RE: Laughable
by mkools on Tue 18th Oct 2005 21:26 UTC in reply to "Laughable"
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You are laughable.

Open Internet Explorer and enter a non-existent ftp server, try to open ftp:/ for example, now try to close Internet Explorer.

You can't, it freezes and the only way to kill it is using task manager.

I believe that bug is in there for about 15 years right now with the only difference that I can kill iexplore.exe under NT - 2000 - XP where I used to get a blue screen of dead within 95-98-ME.

You were saying something about frozen browsers? I never have that problem within GNOME.

Adding fonts under linux? It's easier! I can do it with one single command!

About Open Office, I don't like to pay 900 bucks for a new office version just because of a new installer and some more eyecandy in the menubars and no extra functionality at all. If you like to do that and have money enough be my guest.

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