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Apple We've had an immense hubbub about the delay in the source code release of Honeycomb, which led to a storm of critique being sent Google's way. Turns out there's another company withholding source code, and this time it's Apple. They have stopped releasing the LGPL source code for WebKit in iOS since iOS 4.3.0, released about 8 weeks ago. Turns out - this isn't the first time Apple has refused to release (L)GPL'd code. It took them six months to release the required GPL source code for iOS 4.1.
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Here is the status on WebCore/JavascriptCore [the only BSD/LGPL parts of WebKit]

How's WebCore-955.66 (coming soon!) under LGPL anything but a violation? If you distribute the object code without offering the source you loose the right to use and distribute the code(LGPL is revoked).

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