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Hardware, Embedded Systems Well-known game developer David Braben is a little bit fed up with the state of computer science education these days, which seems to have shifted away from learning programming to some sort of computer-oriented "life skills" class. As the father of eleven and nine year-old boys, I can attest that so far, despite a massive investment on the part of their school in computer equipment, their computer education has consisted mostly of "play this math game" and "don't be victimized by cyber-perverts." Braben's idea to stem this tide: a very, very cheap computer that students can learn to program on.
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Learning Computers
by Priest on Sun 8th May 2011 05:03 UTC
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My 10 year old son has had nearly 5 years of computer classes in elementary school and they use them for various other things as well. I was amazed that he has not learned things like how to search google, what some of the different web browsers are, how to save a file, basic file system layout, install an application, find an application in the start menu, ctrl+alt+del, how to end a task, fairly basic windows management, or even keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste etc.

All things you would cover with someone in a 2 hour computing 101 class.

He is an A student who is very talented in math/science and always likes to figure out how things work.

I asked him what they do with his time and all they do is type letters into MS word with the keyboard. What a waste of time. 20 years of technology and knowledge later and I probably learned more playing Oregon Trail.

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