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Apple The Apple/ARM rumor du jour is that Apple will transition its entire portable Mac line to ARM-based CPUs, dropping Intel altogether. Sources speaking to Semi Accurate claim this is a "done deal," and the move should happen by 2013, when a 64-bit ARM A15 core becomes available. While a future generation of Apple's A5 processor could make some sense for something akin to the MacBook Air, the claim that Apple will ditch Intel wholesale for ARM just doesn't add up.
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Lower end market
by Finchwizard on Sun 8th May 2011 22:15 UTC
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Apple have never been interested in the lower end market of things.

You can pick a laptop up for say $400 and it's a cheap pile of rubbish, but it will browse the Internet and do emails no worries.
Apple laptop on the other hand is $1400, but at least it's going to last you a good 4 years I've found and it's not going to struggle if you have word an do some light photoshop work and process your photos and make a movie.

If the only benefit is battery life, then a lot of people will leave. Who cares about battery life if you can't do your work properly.

Now if for some reason they can pull of battery life, and better performance than Intel, sounds good. But ARM better have a damn good road-map for constant improvements and the ability to manufacturer enough of the chips otherwise there's going to be a lot of pain.

That was one of the reasons Intel won out over AMD. They had a solid road-map with exactly what they were doing and where they were going. And their market share and performance have shown that.

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